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Sofa Cleaning Newton

If you appreciate the looks and comfort of your sofa then by all means clean it properly! Yes, cleaning the sofa seems like a problematic cleaning chore indeed but it must be done. Most non-leather sofas are made of delicate materials which don’t handle staining too well, not to mention they don’t tolerate aggressive cleaning […]

Home Cleaning Newton

If you are so busy that you literally don’t have enough time to clean your home, have no worries and give us a call as we are here to help you. We are known to be the finest cleaning company in the area and if you are doubting our claim you can scout the area […]

One Off Cleaning Newton

Are you presently browsing the area of Newton for a seasoned and reliable cleaning company to lend you a hand with a one off cleaning project? If you are, know that you can stop your search because you have found us and we are modestly said the finest cleaners in the area. We have been […]

Rug Cleaning Newton

Rugs are definitely one of the most beautiful flooring and decorative solutions you can choose for your home, but they are also pretty hard to clean. If you do not have the time or energy to clean your rugs and carpets at least once every two days, you should seriously consider going for a professional […]

Upholstery Cleaning Newton

Just like any other fabric inside your home, upholsteries too need proper cleaning on a regular basis. In the case of upholsteries, specialised cleaning is even more necessary as upholsteries are in almost daily contact with the human body. Things like hairs, dandruff, dead skin cells, body oils and odours all affect the upholstery’s good […]

Carpet Cleaning Newton

Carpets are amongst some of the largest interior features of any home or office space. Being such they are also exposed to large amounts of dust, pollen, dirt and bacteria on a daily basis, especially in rooms and areas which see a lot of foot traffic. It doesn’t take long for the average carpet to […]

Deep Cleaning Newton

Deep cleaning is a very responsible job that you should do at least once every couple of months if you want to make sure your home is in a perfect condition. It is also recommended to carry our deep cleaning after a prolonged period of time when you did not live in your home, for […]

Spring Cleaning Newton

When you want to have a perfectly clean and clutter free home that is easy to maintain, you should follow several tactics prescribed by specialists. One of them is to spare a day once every six months for extra-careful cleaning of your home that usually goes by the name of Spring cleaning. Our spring cleaning […]

End of Tenancy Cleaning Newton

We understand and appreciate the importance of meeting our rental customers’ complex end of tenancy cleaning requirements. We have been in the industry for long enough to know how demanding landlords and letting agents can be when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning therefore we offer our rental customers access to the most affordable […]

Cleaning Services Newton

Cleaning services is a rather broad term which means different things to different people. In our understanding as a professional cleaning company, the term means provision of high quality cleaning solutions to homes and offices without the hefty price tag or margin for error. So far, we have been able to do just that, and […]