Carpet Cleaning Newton

Carpet Cleaning NewtonCarpets are amongst some of the largest interior features of any home or office space. Being such they are also exposed to large amounts of dust, pollen, dirt and bacteria on a daily basis, especially in rooms and areas which see a lot of foot traffic. It doesn’t take long for the average carpet to start looking tired and worn – an issue which brings down the interior appeal, needless to say it decreases indoor hygiene.

Conventional carpet cleaning methods are hardly the best or most effective way to keep carpets clean and fresh. Most conventional carpet cleaning methods are superficial and only clean on top, without addressing the real hygiene issues deep inside the carpet, near its base layer. Being a professional cleaning company, with solid experience in professional carpet cleaning maintenance we advise homes and businesses to have their carpets cleaned professionally at least once in six months. This will improve indoor air quality and keep the place looking cleaner and fresher for longer.

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  • Carpet Cleaning NewtonOur professional carpet cleaning in Newton is a highly effective cleaning solution suitable for all types of synthetic or natural fibre carpets. The cleaning methods and equipment we apply work deep inside the carpet, between strands all the way to the bottom, which improves both hygiene and colour fastness. The cleaning equipment we use is industry certified, our cleaners have undergone additional manufacturer training in order to make them even more efficient and safe. There will be no risk of damage to the carpet and its colours and structure like shrinking, deformation, slumps and clumps or any such issues.

    Our specialised carpet cleaning in Newton is usually done through either one of two methods – steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning is a universal, highly effective way to clean deep inside the carpet using the natural cleaning power of hot steam. This technique is also referred to as hot water extraction. The other method – dry carpet cleaning is a relatively newer cleaning approach with emphasis on reduced drying time. Both cleaning methods are safe and suitable for different types of carpets. Depending on the nature and scale of soiling or staining (and the state of the carpet itself), our knowledgeable technicians will determine which of the two will be used on your carpet. Drying time depends on method used and relative humidity, as well as ambient temperature inside the room or premise.

    Another important benefit of using our professional carpet cleaning services in Newton is their genuine value for money and affordability. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised with how much cleaning they receive for quite a moderate amount of money. More so, our results speak for themselves – the entire carpet will be cleaned properly (even hard to reach spots) without risk of damage or alteration to fibres and their properties – in our view this is genuine value for money.
    The carpet service is available all year round, seven days a week as standalone or in combination with another one of our excellent cleaning options.